Thursday, 14 May 2015

Application refusal overturned by inquiry

On Wednesday the 13th May 2015, members of the Worcester Park community received the news that the application for a Mosque at 2-4 Green Lane, which had been turned down twice by Sutton Council, had been granted for a 4 year trial on appeal. The decision had been postponed from February due to a close family bereavement of the Planning Inspector. See the planning decision notice here.

The WPRA worked very hard in objecting to this application and many local people are bewildered as to why the planning inspector saw fit to ignore the nearly 8,000 petition signatures and the near 1,000 letters of objections we worked so hard to collect. We all know the parking and traffic problems in Worcester Park (particularly in that area) are already appalling and the change of use at this site will make it so much worse.

As much as we disagree with it however, we must accept the decision and work with all parts of the community to try to limit the detrimental effects and continue to promote a positive and inclusive community spirit.

There have been conditions placed on the planning permission including five that require submission of appropriate plans to the council and their approval. We need to work with our local councillors to monitor the situation and ensure any breach of those conditions are brought to the council's attention.