Sunday, 16 April 2017

Victoria House Planning Meeting

The Council planning meeting to decide if the current application for a collection of tower blocks on the Victoria House site, is going ahead this Wednesday 19th April - at the Europa Gallery in the Sutton Council offices - St Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA at 7:30PM. See the leaflet below which we are distributed in conjuction with CHAPRA.
Between ourselves and CHAPRA we have helped gather a total of 1423 signatures against the proposal and hopefully this will be a sign to the Councillors on the planning committee that this is a proposal that is not wanted by local residents.

We are aware that the current building is an eyesore and needs to be replaced as soon as possible but the WPRA's argument is that we don't want it replaced with something completely inappropriate, that will create more parking issues in the area and which we will be stuck with for at least another 50 years.

What we instead want is for the council to deny planning permission for this particular development, forcing the developers to come back to the table with something far more appropriate for the area. We have seen a number of acceptable designs over the years for a replacement development. There is no need to proceed with something wholly inappropriate when there are far better alternatives available.

As soon as an appropriate proposal is submitted for the site, the WPRA will be only too pleased to throw our support behind it. However if this collection of ugly tower blocks is approved, that prospect will never occur.

Please come along to the meeting to show the planning committee the depth of local feeling over this issue.

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