Saturday, 21 October 2017

Paul Scully MP - update on Central Road traffic concerns

You can see a write up of Paul Scully’s recent meeting with TfL, the Highways Agency, Sutton and Kingston Councils on his website here:
As you will read from the article, the main blockage appears to be the lack of any raw data from Central Road/Malden Road to reflect the need for any changes, so Steve O’Connell is going to work with City Hall to get TfL the funding it needs to conduct the necessary research, along with the two Councils. Luckily we are already expecting some data to come back from a survey already being undertaken by X26 bus drivers.
This will not be a quick process, but the necessary conversations have now begun and Paul will certainly update Worcester Park residents regularly online and via literature about this issue. 

Angela Marriott for WPRA committee

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